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Delivery Codes Change in January 2009

December 18th, 2008

Beginning in January 2009, the Lewis & Clark Library System will stop using the three-letter delivery codes. Instead, the System will use the library’s actual name as the library’s delivery code. For example, rather than GLE or b4a, items going to Glen Carbon Centennial Library will be marked as Glen Carbon Centennial. This change helps eliminate confusion between letters and/or numbers in the current codes, allowing us to reduce misdirected material.

GateNet Libraries

LCLS is using the library’s name as it displays on the GateNet transit slip. GateNet libraries using receipt printers to create the transit slips will see no change. If your library currently writes a three-letter code on a yellow delivery band, beginnning 2 January 2009 your library’s staff will write out the library’s name on the band. For example, books formerly marked BVA will be marked Jerseyville Public or BOA will be marked Millstadt Public.

All Members
When a member library sends Freebies, cataloging book buddy boxes, and other items to another LCLS member, please write out the library’s name before attaching the note/slip to the freebies, cataloging book buddy boxes, and other items. Then put the freebies, buddy boxes, etc. into your courier tubs/bags for pick-up.

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