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ALA Distributes Issue Papers

March 30th, 2009

Ever at a loss for words when an official questions why the library needs more computers? Or when the school superintendent says the students have the school library, why do they need the public library?

The American Library Association (ALA) has created two wonderful responses forĀ  you to use, Job-seeking in U.S. Public Libraries and Supporting Learners in U.S. Public Libraries about students using library resources.

For years, the ALA Office for Research & Statistics has tracked technology use in public libraries. Their Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study gathers a range of data concerning technology access in U.S. public libraries. The new briefs are based on this study.

Library staff are encouraged to use these papers as educational tools with library boards, mayors and other elected officials, newspaper reporters, among others to highlight the library’s support of the community. Or attach copies to the library’s budget and annual report.

How will you use the informational Issue Papers to support your library?

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