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Fun and Instructive Videos

March 5th, 2009

Last year Amanda McKay introduced me to to Commoncraft, a company that creates short instructive videos on complicated topics such as mortgages and podcasting. We liked the Commoncraft concept so well we are using it for the delivery packaging best-practices video Mercy and Kevin are editing.

The Commoncraft idea uses papercut-outs and voice-over narration to explain a concept, theory or application in less then 10 minutes. Most of their videos are 5 minutes in length, perfect for introducing the topic without overwhelming the viewer. The newest Commoncraft video is Computer Hardware in Plain English, http://www.commoncraft.com/computer-hardware, The video is an easy way to learn about memory (basement storage), RAM (closets) and processers (Butlers).

Check out Commoncraft to see the other Plain English videos they have created. They are a perfect way to include staff development training in small but fun bites. Or to create a library instruction video for your students.

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