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Recycling Library Books

May 8th, 2009

When libraries weed their collections, removing out-of-date or damaged books we are still faced with how to gracefully dispose of these weeded books. Librarians have never been comfortable with putting these books into the dumpster, after all we were raised to reuse, reduce and recycle.

The Reuse concept is easy. Libraries have book sales, allowing residents a chance to purchase favorite authors or add other books to their personal collection.

What about Reduce? Combined Reduce/Reuse ideas include: building furniture out of the books, giving the books or magazines to teachers for art projects, sending the books to underdeveloped areas such as Kenya’s Camel Book Mobile or Better World Books.

But what about the book sale leftovers and the items too damaged to for reuse? Recycling handles those items.

Most recyclers will accept paperback books, newspaper and magazines; you don’t even need to remove the covers! Few area recyclers accept hardback books. They don’t have the equipment to shred the book covers. An ongoing library project could be removing the hardback covers, freeing the pages for recycling. Remember, not all communities have the same recycling capabilities, so check with your recycling center for exact information applicable to your library.

Waste Parchment, Millersburg, Ohio, accepts hardback books; they just drop the cardboard box full of books into their shredder. They will come to the St. Louis area for a large book load. Call Waste Parchment for more details, (800-282-2454).

We Care Recycling may not take hardback books anymore, have not been able to reach their office for details. Randy Duncan, 217-854-8888, Carlinville, IL

Phoenix Recycling and Shredding, 2795 South Belt West, Belleville, 618-235-2712, and 800-282-2454. They will take books and computer equipment. If they have to send a truck for pick up a fee is charged.

Other Resources:
Illinois counties have Recycling contacts

Local Recycling Centers

The names and contact information listed in this post was accurate as of 5/8/2009. What resources has your library used to reuse, reduce and recycle books, magazines, and equipment?

Does your library have a recycling bin for staff and patron use to collect paper products?

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