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December 7th, 2009

LCLS is moving to a new helpdesk software, to replace HelpMe, which we will be calling Help Us Help You, or HUHY.


For detailed instructions, as well as explanatory screencasts, visit the LCLS website:


Why are we making this change?

For a couple of reasons…

First, HelpMe is based on a vendor software called Wonderdesk, which we have to pay for.  HUHY is based on an open-source software called osTicket, which is free – aside from the staff time required to set up and maintain.

Second, there have been issues with HelpMe since we began using it, and we thought we could probably find a software that we could be happy with that would be easier to use.

We started by researching open-source helpdesk tools to see which ones would best fit our needs.  After looking at the features offered by a large number of options, we narrowed the list to two.

Our IT staff configured both of these options and presented them to select LCLS staff to evaluate.  The consensus was that osTicket was the better option, in large part due to it’s simple interface.

Once the staff had chosen osTicket, then we tested the software with some member libraries.  After some trial and error, and some changes in configuration based on LCLS and member library staff recommendations, it was determined that osTicket would be a suitable replacement for HelpMe.

And osTicket became the platform for what we are now calling Help Me Help You/HUHY.

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