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Libraries and Workforce Recovery

January 6th, 2010

The numbers show that people turn to libraries in tough times. As part of Project Compass, a grant-funded partnership of WebJunction and the State Library of North Carolina, research has been conducted to assess these increased patron demands on libraries and responses to those needs from state libraries and local public libraries. On January 28th join the free webinar Libraries and Workforce Recovery for an overview of this research, an introduction to the project and to a new area of Workforce Resources on WebJunction Illinois with library specific resources and responses to these tough times.

Explore immediate, easy and effective tactics that can be implemented on a shoestring or non-existent budget to respond to patron workforce development needs. Hear about strategies for "triaging social services" and for ways to analyze your library's services in relation to existing community social services. Discover new ways to create partnership with other agencies in your community to leverage workforce development efforts.

Additional information on the project and the January 28th webinar is posted on BlogJunction Illinois at the following URL:


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