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Final Draft of Outcome Statement from 7.15.10

July 16th, 2010

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Goal/Outcome Statement
Southern System Planning Panel Agreement

July 15, 2010
By July 1, 2011 to create a new and revitalized cooperative library service
organization that encompasses the libraries in southern Illinois that are part of
the LCLS, LTLS, RPLS and SHLS library systems, as well as any contiguous
libraries or library systems that wish to be part of this cooperative program. The
organization will support the primary resource sharing services for the people of
Illinois including providing automation services and physical delivery. During the
process for creating a restructured program it is anticipated that the plan will
address how to expand and enhance these programs as well as support other
cooperative programs such as advisory and education services. At the end of
the development process it is anticipated that there will be one administrative
organization formed by uniting the current organizations through a merger

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