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Planning Process – 7.16.10

July 20th, 2010

Planning Process – Southern Systems
Version 2.0
Goal/ Outcome

By July 1, 2011 to create a new and revitalized cooperative library service organization that encompasses the libraries in southern Illinois that are part of the LCLS, LTLS, RPLS and SHLS library systems, as well as any contiguous libraries or library systems that wish to be part of this cooperative program.  The organization will support the primary resource sharing services for the people of Illinois including providing automation services and physical delivery.   During the process for creating a restructured program it is anticipated that the plan will address how to expand and enhance these programs as well as support other cooperative programs such as advisory and education services.  At the end of the development process it is anticipated that there will be one administrative organization formed by uniting the current organizations through a merger process.


Planning Panel – The planning panel is a group of representatives from the Library System Boards who will work together to create a new and revitalized cooperative library service organization.

  • Representatives from each of Boards of the Southern Systems
  • 4 representatives from each board plus a formal alternate
  • Panel as a whole should be multitype
  • Panel should represent the interests of the people of Illinois
  • Panel should represent the interest of all the libraries in the region
  • Panel needs to be open to new ideas and creative in its approach to cooperative activities.
  • Each System Planning Panel group is responsible for reporting issues from the System member libraries at each meeting.
  • Subcommittees of the Planning Panel will be created.  Those subcommittees may invite topic experts to assist them.
  • Panel may set up additional working groups as needed with composition of the group to be determined at the time of appointment.
  • Additional:

Process and Meeting Facilitators – The process and meeting facilitators for the Planning Panel will be the current directors and interim directors of the Southern Systems.

  • Jointly develop agendas
  • Serve as meeting conveners, facilitators and recorders
  • Be neutral in discussions
  • Act as resource staff for the Planning Panel but not during the time that they are facilitating or recording.
  • Respect each other and clarify processes prior to meetings so that they go smoothly
  • Meeting weekly or more to ensure that planning goes smoothly
  • Assist Subcommittees as appropriate

Proceedings Recorders — The proceedings recorders will be a designated staff member from each of the systems.  The recorders will utilize the notes that the meeting facilitators create and other notes to create formal proceedings notes for each meeting.

  • Jointly develop proceedings notes
  • Post proceedings on Cooperation Today website
  • Post proceedings on the BaseCamp project management site
  • Attend all meetings of the Planning Panel
  • Notes to be completed and posted no later than 5 working days following the meeting.


  • Cooperation Today web site for the public posting of all formal documents and calendar of events (eg minutes,agenda, plans etc.)
  • BaseCamp for the project management part of the site
  • Adobe Connect for online meetings
  • Video Conferencing for online meetings
  • Conference Calls
  • Face to Face Meetings
  • Survey Tools (eg Survey Monkey)
  • Others as needed


  • Multitype Organization – Includes all types of libraries
  • Utilize an open and transparent meeting process


  • Every participant has an equal voice
  • All Meetings are open and in accordance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act
  • Members of the Planning Panel will participate in discussions
  • Members of the “community” will be provided an opportunity to comment during an open comment time.
  • We assume we are working in good faith
  • Systems will link documents from the Planning Panel through the System website
  • Planning Panel members will report to the local system board and back to the Panel on issues.
  • All new positions will be filled through a competitive process.
  • Any assumption made here is not set in stone.

Decision Making

  • The front line decision makers are the Planning Panel
  • The Planning Panel will operate by consensus for decision-making
  • Key milestones of the planning process will go to Boards for decision -making.
  • Ongoing decision makers are the Boards of the Systems
  • The ultimate decision makers are the member libraries.

Preliminary Decision Points

  • System Boards agree to enter into the process
  • System Board formally appoint 4 representatives from the system board and an alternate who may be a non board member to the Planning Panel.
  • Planning Panel develops a Strategic Plan that includes Mission, Vision, Values as well as strategic directions
  • Current System Boards approve Strategic Plan

Additional Decisions / Issues

  • Service program based on Strategic Plan
  • Determine the size and make up of board.
  • Staffing
  • Current Facilities
  • Bylaws
  • Budget and Funding
  • Geographic Boundaries
  • Create Subcommittees
  • Legal Consulting as needed
  • Financial Decision — allocate agreed upon costs should they occur


  • July 2010 – Representatives at July 14, 2010 meeting recommend that the groups enter into a joint planning process
  • July 2010 – Systems Board ratifies the recommendations of the Board representatives and appoints representatives
  • November 2010 — Strategic Plan Approved by the Boards
  • July 1, 2011 – Restructured Organization begins

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