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The Future

July 22nd, 2010

Have you ever wanted to have the ability to see into the future? I think every one at sometime in their life would like to be able to do just that. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we do not have that ability. I have people asking, “What is the future of RPLS? What is the future of the LLSAP? What is the future of libraries?” My answer is that I do not know the answers to these questions.

However, this is what I do know. Things will be different in the future. By July 1, 2011, Rolling Prairie will most likely not be in existence. What will take its place is not yet in existence. Much work will take place over the next 6-12 months to create an entity to serve the libraries in RPLS and the other systems. The services will be different. The only two services that I can guarantee will remain are delivery and the LLSAP.

The LLSAP? Yes, the LLSAP will continue in some form. The who, what, where, and how will be worked out over the next 12 months. Jo has been in discussions with LLSAP personnel in other systems about how to collaborate and consolidate services. At some point, and with input from member libraries, the database software and how it is implemented will be changing. But we are all committed to ensuring that both local library automation services and statewide resource sharing will continue.

The input of all our members is vitally important. There will be surveys, questions, meetings, phone calls, emails, and other communications with you as we move forward. I ask that you respond as fully and quickly as possible to these communications. The new system that RPLS will become a part of, whatever it is, will be your system. Your voices must be heard now during its creation. Your voices will be just as important in the future so that libraries in Illinois continue to receive the services they need to thrive.

Beverly J. Obert, Executive Director

Rolling Prairie Library System

A Library for Librarians

Helping Libraries Serve Illinois Citizens

From the Director’s Desk for June 17, 2010.

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