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Report of the Planning to SD&P

October 15th, 2010

On Thursday October 14, 2010, Rosanne Reidner and Jan Ison attended a meeting of the Illinois System Directors and Presidents. One the topics of the meeting was the Planning Process that the Southern Systems are engaged in. The following is a report of that planning from LTLS Board President, Rosanne Reidner:

The Southern System Planning Group is making great progress in the merger process. The committees have been formed: strategic planning, legal governance and membership, delivery and resource sharing.

I am serving on the strategic planning committee. Our subcommittee is charged with writing mission, vision, and value statements as well as goals and strategies. We’ll be reviewing the current plan of the southern systems and getting member input. Each system conducted SWOT analysis in order to provide further information. We have constructed a survey for members to provide the elements to write the mission, vision, and values statements. These surveys are going out immediately. Once the results are tabulated, we’ll have some idea what areas of concern and services are important to the members.

Over the past three months we have overcome our fears and mistrust. We are increasingly working together as one entity. The directors and acting directors are doing a great job of facilitating. They put in many hours of work in order to be able to keep the meetings running smoothly. They are unbiased and helpful. They are a great example of cooperation and they are to be commended for their work. Using the deadlines set forth for us in the October fourth letter from Anne Craig has been helpful in planning for the coming months. We also have set goals for ourselves in our individual committee meetings.

Cooperation Today” is the website for the member libraries to keep up on the work that the panel is doing. We recently reviewed its effectiveness and made suggestions for improvement. We’re using basecamp for working information within the panel. It has been most helpful to meet in person. We resolved to visit all of the system locations. We’ve been to Shawnee and Lewis and Clark. Next month is Rolling Prairie and then Lincoln Trail. It’s very helpful to actually see the system offices and realize how each system operates. It’s been most helpful to be able to work face to face in order to tackle this project. I can’t imagine trying to do so in any other manner.

I want to thank Anne Craig for being present at these meetings. Her presence has given us the confidence to proceed. She has answered questions without interfering in the process in any way. She has been helpful and supportive. It’s very difficult to work towards this goal as we are all invested in our library systems. I hope that we can create a system that will provide the patrons of Illinois with the library services they need in these difficult economic times.

Rosanne Reidner

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