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The November Merger Meeting

November 12th, 2010

The subcommittees of the Southern Planning Panel met at the Rolling Prairie Library System Headquarters in Decatur. They worked for 2 hours and made significant progress in their committees charge. The panel then moved to the Decatur Public Library for lunch and the full panel meeting.

During the meeting Jan Ison, LTLS, gave an overview of the results of the survey that was sent out. 758 responses to the survey were submitted. The results will inform and guide the planning of the panel. The responses across the four systems were very similar; the top responses were separated by a margin of 1-2 percent. The results will be posted to Cooperation Today in the near future.

Other outcomes from the meeting were:

  • Legal, Governance, and Membership: Proposed a board make up and process for seating the first board and election of succeeding boards. This will be posted to both basecamp for the panel and Cooperation Today for member libraries. Comments are encouraged. It will be voted on in December.
  • Strategic Planning: Offered a draft Mission Statement that will be voted on in December.
  • Delivery: Looking at volume as the base line for delivery frequency. The panel will approve a delivery frequency plan in December. This plan will be implemented in January 2011.

RPLS member libraries please note: I reported that at the Oct. 13th meeting a resolution was adopted by the panel for dissolution of each system and intent to merge. This resolution has been taken back to each board. The RPLS Board will act on this resolution at its Nov. 16 meeting. Below is the text of the resolution.

“We, the Board of the Rolling Prairie Library System, do resolve that the Rolling Prairie Library System will terminate effective June 30, 2011. Furthermore, we resolve to merge into a new single system that includes the Lewis & Clark Library System, Lincoln Trail Libraries System, Rolling Prairie Library System, and Shawnee Library System, effective July 1, 2011.”

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about this resolution, please email me at bevo@rpls.ws

Beverly J. Obert, Executive Director

Rolling Prairie Library System

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