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Merger Talks Continuing

December 9th, 2010

It was a cold day outside, but that did not stop the members of the Southern Planning Panel from meeting at the Lincoln Trail Libraries System in Champaign. The structure of the meeting was the same as the last, subcommittee meetings, a lunch, then the panel meeting. Progress is being made and below is a short summary of the subcommittee activities:

Delivery subcommittee is working on finalizing delivery frequency based on the volume of materials delivered. In January, a face-to-face meeting with delivery supervisors is scheduled.

Resource Sharing subcommittee has drafts of Resource Sharing and Interlibrary Loan policies. These are not LLSAP policies, but the policies of the new system as a whole, LLSAP and non-LLSAP. These will be available for comment soon. The LLSAP managers are continuing their talks, working together on a process for gathering information and selection of a new automation platform. Be patient, as this is a time-consuming process and one that should not be rushed.

Legal Governance and Membership presented a document (pdf) on the proposed makeup of the Board of Directors for the new system. This document is being reviewed by the System Boards and will be approved in February. It is imperative that you, the members, contact the RPLS Board or the RPLS Planning Panel members with your comments about this document. Another document that was presented was a draft intergovernmental agreement that spells out the relationship of the current System boards with the transition board. This document is being reviewed by legal counsel and the State Library. The Panel is targeted to approve this in February and each board will be asked to approve it in March.

Strategic Planning subcommittee submitted a vision, mission and values statement to the Panel. The Panel voted to take this to each Board for input and approval. They also presented a draft of strategic directions for the new system. Here are the mission, Vision and Values as presented.

MISSION: XXX is a community of multitype libraries developing partnerships and sharing resources in pursuit of excellent service.

VISION: We envision a future where all libraries & information partners collaborate to provide accessible & innovative services.

VALUES: We value–

Open access and sharing of resources.
Cooperation, collaboration and contribution among members & information partners.
Quality customer service.
Honest and open communications among stakeholders.
Respect and integrity in all interactions.
The diversity of our members and their communities.
Fiscal stability and accountability.
The protection of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy.
Innovation and creativity.

Beverly J. Obert, Executive Director Rolling Prairie Library System

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