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Your Input Needed

December 23rd, 2010

There are two documents that the Legal, Governance, Membership Subcommittee has worked on that need comments from the membership of the four southern systems. The first is the make up of the Transition Board (PDF) and the first full Board of the new System. Currently, the Transition Board will be appointed from members of the current system boards and will be in charge of selecting a director, adopting by-laws and policies and submitting the system area and per capita for the new system. Originally it was thought that the Transition Board could become the actual Board of the new System July 1, 2011. However, there will be an election in May where all system members will have the opportunity to select the new Board. Please comment with your thoughts on the distribution of trustees and librarians/representatives by library type that is being suggested.

The second document is one that many librarians have asked about. What will be the criteria for membership in the new system? What happens if my library does not qualify? The draft Membership Criteria (PDF) document begins to answer this question. The Subcommittee began with the draft criteria created by system consultants in early 2010. The draft criteria were slated to eventually become statewide criteria for all systems. The Subcommittee has reviewed this document, made changes to it based on input from school librarians and a study of current membership. In Appendix C there is information on levels of membership that spells out the process the new System will use for grandfathering in all current members of the four southern systems.

Your careful reading, study, and comments are needed by the Legal, Governance, Membership Subcommittee and the Planning Panel. Both of these documents are drafts but they need to be finalized in late February. The Subcommittee has worked hard to make these documents as equitable as they can. I know we all look at how things will impact our own particular library. I ask that as you study them think about how they will impact all the libraries in our systems and how they will guide the new System in the future.

Comments can be added to the documents on Cooperation Today, emailed to your System Director, or to members of the Planning Panel. [Because of issues with spammers, your comments do not automatically appear. If they fail to appear after two business days please contact Doris McKay for help.]

Beverly J. Obert, Executive Director, Rolling Prairie Library System

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