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FY 2011 Illinois Public Library Annual Report (IPLAR)

January 7th, 2011

The Illinois State Library is pleased to release the Illinois Public Library Annual Report (IPLAR) FY2011 using the Bibliostat Collect software for data collection.

The web-based IPLAR is accessible at http://collect.btol.com.

To access the Bibliostat Collect site, you will need to know your library’s Illinois State Library (ISL) User Name and Password.  Your library’s User Name is your ISL control number and ISL main branch number (00, zero zero NOT alpha “o”).  Your library’s Password is your ISL password for the main branch.  If you need assistance with your ISL User Name/Password contact Becky Hunter, Illinois State Library, bhunter1@ilsos.net, 217-782-7849, or 1-800-665-5576 x1.

Follow these guidelines for assistance:

CONTENT/SUBJECT MATTER AND EDIT CHECKS:  Ron Winner, Illinois State Library, rwinner@ilsos.net, 217-785-1168, or 1-800-665-5576 x1.

SOFTWARE/TECHNOLOGY ISSUES:  Bibliostat Help Desk, 1-866-785-9935.

Make sure you are using the:
Correct URL:  http://collect.btol.com
Correct User Name and Password
Adobe version 6.0 or above for PDF printing

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