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My First Library Card: A New Year’s Message

January 4th, 2011

My First Library Card: A New Year’s Message

Last week I had the pleasure of witnessing my son’s receipt of his first library card. The sheer excitement of a small piece of paper that opens up countless opportunities cannot be understated. Regardless of library type, it opens a world of possibilities for recreation and study. Possession of the card means that any question can be answered and any interest explored further. What a wonderful gift libraries are to the communities they serve.

It is this gift library Systems strive to support through services such as delivery and automation. We are able to provide this support through System Area and Per Capita grants from the Illinois State Library. As we embark on the second half of a fiscal year tinged with uncertainty regarding the continuation of these (and other) services, and as many individuals work toward mergers of Systems, we must remain faithful to the institutions we serve. Academic, public, school and special libraries depend on materials delivery and the policies and mechanisms which allow resource sharing. When the mergers are complete, we will have resource sharing opportunities on a much broader scale, all to the benefit of library users.

Sam has the idea that his new library card can be used anywhere, because libraries are everything to the curious mind. This is precisely why we need to move forward with our merger discussions. We owe it to patrons of our member libraries to support them in any way we can—even if that support looks different from years past, and comes from individuals we have never worked with. The end result will be continued resource sharing to allow patrons to live a more informed life, find a better approach to a medical concern, or build a better model car. Please take a moment to contact your merger planning representatives and let them know how the merged System can better serve you and your patrons.

Wishing you a New Year full of exciting opportunities!

Leslie M. Bednar
Executive Director

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