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Draft Planning Panel Minutes for 3.23.2011 Meeting

March 29th, 2011

Planning Panel Draft Minutes for 3.23.2011

Southern System Planning
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Hilton Garden Inn
Effingham, IL 62401-1972



JoAnn Nabe, Linda McDonnell, Dianne Steele, Ron Coleman


Nina Pals


Val Green, Amy Ihnen, Richard Helton, Nina Wunderlich


Marian Albers, Karen Bounds, Arlene Dueker (Alt), Tom Turner



Harriet Zipfel (Alt)


Allen Lanham, Rochelle Funderburg, Scott Drone-Silver (Alt), Rosanne Reidner, Anieta Trame (Alt)


Brenda Larison (Alt)


Andrea Witthoft, Susan Yallaly (Alt)

Others Present:


Leslie Bednar, Juliette Douglas


Jan Ison, Pat Boze, Ramona Rollins, Donna Schaal


Bev Obert, Doris McKay, Mike Syzmkoski, Mary Ann Pohl


Ellen Popit, Traci Edwards, Christine Fine


Greg McCormick and Lawren Tucker


Anita Driver, Jean Forness, Judy Groom, Kay Marshall, Susan Mendelsohn, Erica Pyle, Joan Rhoades, Lacey Wright, Diane Yeoman



Start Ups:
Desired outcome

The meeting was called to order at 10:10. For additional agenda items, Val asked to add determining meeting dates as far out as possible – for both the Transition Board and the Planning Panel. An email will be sent out to TB to determine the best days in the month to meet.


Minutes of February 25 &
26, 2011 & March
11, 2011 Meeting

Joan moved, Tom second to approve Minutes of 2/25 & 26, 2011 meeting. The motion carried with 1 abstention (Amy). Diane moved, Val second to approve Minutes of the 3/11/2011 videoconference meeting. The motion carried with 2 abstensions (Tom, Amy).

Ground Rules

Bev reviewed the Ground Rules for the Panel and asked if there were any additions or changes. The group is in continued agreement with the Ground Rules.

Report from System Board
and Membership

Cooperation Today Comments – Leslie reviewed several comments received on C2Day, primarily regarding resource-sharing policy, new name of entity.

LCLS – The system Board endorsed delivery recommendations, discussed Resource Access policy suggested changes for consistent wording, approved the Strategic Plan but believes it must be amended to match 2012 ISL application.

LTLS – The Board approved delivery recommendations, Strategic Plan, presented a statement to the Transition Board from Board President Roseanne Reidner, and reviewed the Resource Access Policy and will pass comments along to the committee.

SHLS – The Shawnee Board voted to implement delivery recommendations, endorsed Strategic Plan with addition of literacy, had questions about the Resource Access Policy 3.a1 & 2, approved the application to merge, discussed location of new entity.

RPLS – The Board discussed the Transition Board organization, approved necessary documents.

Bev updated that the northern system agreed on a name – Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS). The Transition board will meet at Hilton Garden Inn at 6:00 3/29.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings began at 10:40 am. The Planning Panel reconvened at 1:30 pm.


Val indicated that the Strategic Planning committee discussed the comment to amend the document for the ISL application. The Strategic Plan is a document for a long view. The ISL Plan of Service is for a year and this will be pulled from the Strategic Plan document. Diane indicated that it needs to be clear which parts of the Strategic Plan will be included in the Plan of Service document and which parts won’t be included. The SP Committee discussed activities from joint committee meetings with Resource Sharing and Delivery. The chosen activities will eventually be translated into budget numbers in the Plan of Service. Still have questions for fees/charges, how to allocate money to activities – that will come next. Preliminary information will be prepped for System Directors on Friday, focusing on strategic direction 1, goals 1, 2, 3. Marion asked if this is the document that has to do with the reciprocal borrowing percentage – no, that’s resource sharing.

Resource Sharing

Amy indicated the committee talked a lot about net lending/net borrowing, particularly related to comments received on 3.a.1 & 3.a.2. Additional language is being added to those areas, also adding legal reference to definition of nonresident property owner and other edits for the LLSAP section. All definitions will be collapsed to one area. Next step – changed policy will be ready by 3/28, open for membership and system board comment until 4/8, approval by PP on 4/8, then approval by system boards. The committee will have another conference call before 4/8. Marion asked how issues are resolved when problems occur – how do we get compliance? Discussion about whether this is grievance procedure or arbitration. Tom indicated that the beginning grievance policy draft could include not just from library to system but from library to library as well. Jan said not sure if all grievances should end in membership change. Are there some policies that just mean they lose certain privileges? Or does it all ultimately end up in membership. Nina asked does the complaint handling process agree with state’s focus on automation/delivery? Or are we not allowed to handle complaints between libraries any more? Marion asked to add – ‘in the event that disagreements cannot be solved – grievance process is how this will be handled’. Jan asked if the planning panel wants the system directors to talk about the grievance/membership process, policy violation, arbitration process.


Dick indicated that all 4 systems have approved delivery changes and the committee hopes these will be implemented in April. There were some questions on the alternate method of delivery that the committee is clarifying. On-demand/on-call is one of the alternate methods that can be used. Between that and mailing, it’s going to be up to the individual system and each system should use the method that is more cost effective. Delivery on Go – all a director has to do is look on the route, see who follows, then band DOG together and mark as DOG, so drivers know it goes to a library down the route. CAT libraries – books will be presorted for each location, even if dropped off at one place. We’re also asking for libraries to pre-bundle not just DOG but materials going to other libraries as well. The committee wants any questions that come up to be directed to them so they can determine procedure. Some questions also about ‘returns’ – can a library wait on those items longer time? Leslie said we don’t want the sorting/bundling to be onerous. The Transition Board will need to adopt delivery standards

Legal Governance &

Tom reported that the committee reviewed the Executive Director job description, in preparation to present to Transition Board. They also reviewed a financial policy/investment of public funds policy which will be presented to Transition Board and must be in the ISL application. They reviewed a grievance policy for member libraries and would like a lawyer to review that grievance policy. They reviewed a conflict of interest policy for Board members; a FOIA policy, and reviewed Open Meetings-Electronic Attendance for the Transition Board. The proposed membership standards were changed slightly – added one last phrase – ‘to remain a member in good standing, must abide by system plan of service and all systems policies’. System boards will need to approve change to membership policy. The committee is developing an employee telecommuting policy and began looking at some employee manuals, will likely have two policy manuals. The Transition Board will have to look at employee holidays, full time definition, other benefits, etc. for employees. Health insurance is an issue – have received some info from LIMRCC. SHLS board discussed, at its last meeting, a need to create a new identity for the new entity and suggestion was discussed by LGM. There was discussion about leasing a new office space with own address, some place where new director may take up residence, have office personnel, have own identity, phone, answering machine, etc. Discussion followed about temporary location, where it would be, discussion about Community College/Small Business lease programs. Effingham is in the center of IHLS, Kluthe is a CC campus. May want to look at short-term location, just a temporary place until final decisions are made. Marion made a motion for Transition Board to investigate leasing office space within the Effingham area for purpose of maintaining a point of contact for the new IHLS, second by Ron C. The motion passed unanimously.

Public Comment on
Committee reports

Mary Ann Pohl – getting meeting times out early and getting them set – could Doodle polls be binding? Everyone’s time should be equally respected. She also suggested ‘Consequence’ may be the word if someone doesn’t comply with policy.

Anita Driver – everything going smoothly, very impressed

Greg McCormick – discussed that L&L payment would be received and payment was made last night.

Transition Board Meeting

The first Transition Board meeting will be 3/29, Hilton Roosevelt/Truman room, 6-8:30. ISL will be in attendance 3/29.

Because this is the first Organizational meeting, from the Planning Panel members – a name will be drawn out of hat and that person becomes convenor to call meeting to order, convene, move to election of officers. Merger application has identified topics that need to be considered at the TB meetings. Northern group has FOIA and Open Meetings Act officer – may need to include these officers. Need to gather a list of newspapers where agenda needs to go. Northern group has had all meetings electronically, need to be aware of open meetings act with electronic meetings. Need to adopt bylaws, attendance by electronic meetings. Documents will be renumbered (TB 2011-??) to include action item with documents. Recommendations from Planning Panel will be part of action. Hope to soon have an Illinois Heartland Lib System web site, hope to have all documents separate – the more transparent, the better. Need to talk about staff for TB, dates, times, Doodle poll/email to find out what days of the month are best. Executive Director position; grievance procedure; personnel committee; facilities committee, standing committees (board members); ad hoc (chaired by board member, but staffed by others). Nominating committee needs to be appointed. Benefits for staff, have to authorize if we will be an IMRF employer; have to make the application and discuss COBRA issues. System directors hope to have action items regarding staff for consideration by 3/29. Could use the merger application as the timetable document. Documents will be on basecamp and public site. Minutes up before approved may be issue. We need to establish guidelines for public participation. Business managers might give us a beginning financial report with fund balances. Do we need to establish a bank account for the TB? Not sure if the board will need checks. Who will take minutes for PP? Proposing that staff taking notes at current system boards also take notes for this Board. Don’t need all 4, just have to have one. Diane suggested rotating minute takers; system directors will discuss and make suggestion. Are we going to have videoconference sessions after first session? Meetings will happen electronically. Secretary of Board should review Board clerk’s minutes before they go out. Should we display agenda electronically? When will documents be posted? They need to be posted to meet open meetings act. The policies that need to be adopted are bylaws and electronic meetings policy. It would be good to have position descriptions – president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, open meetings, FOIA as well as descriptions of standing committees so members understand what each is doing. Strategic plan could be adopted – not required. Discussion on executive director. We need a timeline for interviews, etc. for executive director – this needs development.

Review of action items for
System Boards and
items for next
Planning Meeting

Transition Board investigate leasing location for IHLS

Resource Sharing Policy goes back for comment until 4/8, revised draft out Monday, 3/28. System boards approve in April

LGM – additional statement for membership criteria should be approved by local boards

Strategic Plan – continue to think about what should be included in the annual plan

Meeting Review


Things went smoothly today
Thank Roseanne for her letter
Everyone got along well
Facilities are nice – thanks to Donna
Stayed on time
Committees have gotten over several humps
Thanks to guests and ISL for coming
Executive Directors have done a terrific job

Have trouble reading the minutes – need to be larger – transfer to
C2Day didn’t work so well
Would like to know which one has changes – documents posted with changes.

ISL assigning a person to new system board? Not yet
Board members continuing after transition board – is it a new entity?
The way the statute is written it is just 6 years on a system
board. It depends on the person, not the board entity.


Nina moved to adjourn, Ron second, unanimously approved at 3:55 pm.

Minutes in PDF format.

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