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IHLS Logo Design Opportunity

May 31st, 2011

IHLS LOGO DESIGN OPPORTUNITY: Are you creative? The Illinois Heartland Library System Transition Board invited individuals to submit designs for a professional logo for the system. The Board and staff are interested in seeing concepts, designs and ideas that will provide a brand for the system showing the interdependence of member libraries in providing service to the residents of the area. While we know that the first thing that many people think of when they hear Illinois Heartland is a heart. We respectfully request no heart based logos be included. With your concepts, designs and ideas, please suggest colors, and why you recommend the colors you recommend.

Please return ideas in electronic format by June 8, 2011 to Bev Obert, bevo@rpls.ws; Jan Ison, jison@lincolntrail.info; Leslie Bednar, lesliebednar@lcls.org; or Ellen Popit, epopit@shawls.lib.il.us.

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