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IHLS Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda for 05.18.2011 posted

May 17th, 2011


CONFERENCE CALL MEETING – May 18, 2011 6:30 P.M.

Conference call in Number 1-800-444-2801 Pin number 3892694



  1. Attendance noted as each calls in
  2. Notes from 5/11 meeting
  3. From previous meetings/Juliette creating
    1. Employment Definitions – Sec. IV of original doc., Part C, job classification based on other criteria
    2. System Provided Benefits – agreed upon during last meeting; Juliette furnishing us with wording to approve this meeting: Medical Leave, Bereavement, Holidays (also religious), Election Day, Personal Leave, Sick bank, Vacation

  4. New Item:
    If hired in IHLS, credit for years worked in present system transferred to IHLS
  5. Continuing with:
    1. Employment Benefits (Juliette providing wording for our reaction)
      1. System Provided
        1. Medical Leave – upon retirement
        2. Vacation
          1. One time carry-over for yrs. of service credit
          2. Carry-over for sabbatical or other similar reason
        3. Tuition Reimbursement – want to allow at this time or not?
        4. Health
        5. Pension
        6. Unpaid Benefit [reworking 4.6 of LCLS]
      2. Legally Required – Soc. Sec., FMLA, Workman’s Comp., etc.
    2. Working Conditions – Work week, lunch period, breaks, etc.
  6. Questions/Concerns
  7. Meeting next week

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