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Agenda Posted for IHLS Transition Board Meeting for 06.09.2011

June 7th, 2011


Agenda June 9, 2011

The Agenda for the June 9, 2011 meeting of the Illinois Heartland Library System Transition Board.

June 9, 2011 Agenda in PDF format

June 9, 2011 Documents in PDF format [Due to the file size it is posted on IHLS.]

The Illinois Heartland Library System Transition Board strives to ensure that its meetings are accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you are an individual with a disability and require assistance to observe or participate in this meeting, please contact any of the current Library Systems at least 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting with your specific request.

Illinois Heartland Library System

Transition Board of Directors

May 26, 2011; 6 pm

Hilton Garden Inn; Effingham Illinois


1.   Call to Order

2.   Roll Call – Recording Secretary

3.   Public Comments

      If a member of the audience desires to speak to the Board, sign in and give to a System Staff member. When making a comment, please state your name, affiliation and nature of your business.

Please limit your time to 3 minutes.

4.   Minutes

      May 26, 2011 Meeting

5.   Financial Report

      Cash statements all funds and all accounts.

6.   President’s Report

7.   Staff Report

8.   Committee Reports

       Facilities Location Committee — Dick Helton

       Personnel Committee – Nina Wunderlich
       Illinois Heartland Library System ServiceCredit & Sick Leave Carry Over
       Resolution No: TBR 2011 – 25 rev (Tabled Resolution)
       IHLS Pay Period
       Resolution No: 2011 – 32
       Deferred Compensation Plans
       Resolution No: 2011 – 33
       Exempt and Non-Exempt rates of pay for 40-hour work week
       Resolution No: 2011 – 34

       Nominating Committee – Janet Hasten reporting
       Resolution No: 2011 –35

       Application Review Committee
       Position Descriptions
       Document no: TBD 2011 – 29
       Resolution No: TBR 2011 – 36

Executive Committee – Tom Turner
       Illinois Heartland Library System Staffing
       Resolution No: TBR 2011-26 (Tabled Resolution)
       Illinois Heartland Library System Annual Plan and Budget
       Document No: TBD 2011 – 30
       Resolution No: TBR 2011 – 37

9. ISL Report – Greg McCormick; Lawren Tucker

10. Unfinished Business
       a. RFB – Medical Insurance
           Update on the Bidding Process
       b. RFB – Property Insurance
           Document No: TBR 2011 – 31
       c. Logo
          Document No: TBD 2011 – 32
          Resolution No: TBR 2011 – 38
       d. LLSAP Issues TBD 2011 – 33
       e. IMRF Rate
           Document No TBR 2011 – 34

11. New Business
       a. Interim Executive Director
           Executive Session – Personnel issues related to employment, salaries and benefits.
        b. Bank Accounts
        c. Check Signing

        d. Special Board Meeting

12. Announcements
Next Meeting: June 30, 2011, Hilton Garden Inn, Effingham, IL 6 PM
Orientation: June 15, 2011, Helen Mathis Public Library Effingham, IL

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