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Join us in Effingham!

February 7th, 2011 Comments off

February is a good month to learn more about the Southern Systems merger process, and a great time to join your colleagues in Effingham for planning panel meetings!  The Southern Systems Planning tab on this site will lead you to names and contact information for planning panel members, System-specific data and reports, official documentation from the merger process, and much, much more!  All posts related to the merger are designed for your input, and posting a response is easy.

This month’s planning panel meetings are:

  • Thursday, February 10, 2011, 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at the Effingham Knights of Columbus.  Topics included on the agenda are a review of proposed by-laws, membership standards, resource sharing plan, and membership standards.
  • Friday, February 25 – Saturday, February 26, 2011, (time TBD), at the Effingham Hilton Garden Inn.  A final agenda will be posted soon.


Draft Membership Standards

January 28th, 2011 Comments off

The Planning Panel working on the southern Illinois library System merger have put in many long hours crafting an organization that supports its members and provides necessary library services such as talking books, materials delivery and library automation software.  This merged “super” System will only be as strong as your participation and involvement in critical matters, and we have reached a juncture that necessitates member input.  Draft membership standards have been submitted to members of all four southern library Systems (Lewis & Clark Library System, Lincoln Trail Libraries System, Rolling Prairie Library System and the Shawnee Library System) for comment.

Please review the proposed standards, along with a comparison of the proposed standards to any comparable guidelines in Illinois laws or administrative rules, and the most current edition of Serving our Public.  We compiled the comparison as a guide for members evaluating the proposed standards.  All current library system members will be grandfathered into the new super system, with membership status as defined in Appendix C of the proposed standards.

There are several options for response:

  • Post a comment on CooperationToday
  • Contact any member of the Planning Panel
  • Attend Planning Panel meetings and provide feedback directly to the Planning Panel [the next meetings are slated for February 10 (Effingham Knights of Columbus), and February 25-26 (Effingham Hilton Garden Inn)].  Agendas have not yet been posted.
  • Contact me ( |   618/656.3216, x120)

Thanks very much for your time and consideration,
Leslie Bednar   |    Executive Director, Lewis & Clark Library System

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ThinkTank update…

April 13th, 2009 Comments off

The Taylor Community Consulting Project (TCCP) awarded to Lewis & Clark Library System (LCLS) has been moving steadily along.  We respectfully refer to the group as the ThinkTank due to the academic and professional experience of the five students from Washington University’s Olin School of Business.  The project’s goal is to explore alternatives to the current GateNet fee structure.

To date there have been three meetings which have provided a wealth of information to the student group.  The goals for this project are to ensure the GateNet fee structure:

  • is supported by the GateNet membership
  • is easily interpreted and based on easily documented data
  • is equitably distributed among the membership
  • provides the ability to reimburse LCLS for some of its support services and facilities usage
  • assures the continued financial health of GateNet
  • equals GateNet expenses
  • attracts new participants

LCLS has made the following information available to the group:

  • GateNet fee structure
  • GateNet Bylaws and Memorandum of Understanding
  • GateNet budgeted fees and revenues for FY2010
  • documentation of EAVs for all counties represented by GateNet membership
  • five year history of GateNet fees
  • comprehensive database usage stats for March 2006 – February 2009
  • ten year review of GateNet fund expenses and revenues
  • sample library budgets from a variety of library sizes
  • sample school and public library per capita applications
  • fee formulas from similar organizations

The project is at the half-way point.  Earlier this month, the student group sent out a survey to all LCLS library directors to gain an assessment of the value of GateNet membership to both GateNet members and LCLS members that do not participate in GateNet.  There has been a very good response rate to the survey.

Stay tuned for more project updates!

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