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Agenda posted for 06.30.2011 IHLS Transition Board Meeting

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The Illinois Heartland Library System Transition Board Agenda for 06.30.2011 has been posted.

PDF Version of IHLS Board Agenda for 06.30.2011

Illinois Heartland Library System
Transition Board of Directors
June 30, 2011; 6 pm
Hilton Garden Inn; Effingham Illinois

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call – Recording Secretary
3. Public Comments
If a member of the audience desires to speak to the Board, sign in and give to a System Staff member. When making a comment, please state your name, affiliation and nature of your business. Please limit your time to 3 minutes.
4. Minutes
June 9, 2011 Meeting
June 15, 2011 Meeting
5. Financial Report
Cash statements all funds and all accounts as of 5.31.2011.
6. President’s Report
7. Staff Report
Property Insurance — Mike Szymkoksi
8. Committee Reports
Facilities Location Committee — Dick Helton
Personnel Committee – Nina Wunderlich
Deferred Compensation Plans
Resolution No: TBR 2011 – 33 revised
Personnel Code
Document No: TBD 2011 – 37
Resolution No: 2011 – 40
Application Review Committee – Karen Bounds
Position Classification
Resolution No: TBR 2011 – 41
IHLS Staffing
Document No: TBD 2011 – 38
9. ISL Report – Greg McCormick; Lawren Tucker
10. Unfinished Business
a. RFB – Medical Insurance (Vision)
Resolution No: TBR 2011 — 42
b. Logo
Document No: TBD 2011 – 39
c. Budget Revision
Document No: TBD 2011 – 40
Resolution No: TBR 2-11- 43
11. New Business
Resolution No: TBR 2011 – 44
b. Prevailing Wage
Resolution No: TBR 2011 – 45
Items related to starting IHLS.
12. Public Comments
If a member of the audience desires to speak to the Board, sign in and give to a System Staff member. When making a comment, please state your name, affiliation and nature of your business. Please limit your time to 3 minutes.
13. Announcements

The Illinois Heartland Library System Transition Board strives to ensure that its meetings are accessible to
individuals with disabilities. If you are an individual with a disability and require assistance to observe or participate in
this meeting, please contact any of the current Library Systems at least 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting with
your specific request.

IHLS Application Review Committee Agenda for 06.07.2011 Posted

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The Illinois Heartland Library System
Application Review Committee

Conference Call Meeting

June 7, 2011 1:00 p.m.

Conference call in Number 1-800-444-2801 Pin number 3892694

be Connect Room: URL:

  1. Call Meeting to Order –
  2. Continue the Review of Job Descriptions
  3. Executive Session – Personnel issues related to employment
  4. Adjournment

IHLS Application Review Committee Agenda for 06.06.2011 Posted

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The Illinois Heartland Library System
Application Review Committee

Conference Call Meeting

June 6, 2011 1:00 p.m.

Conference call in Number 1-800-444-2801 Pin number 3892694

be Connect Room: URL:

  1. Call Meeting to Order –
  2. Continue the Review of Job Descriptions
  3. Executive Session – Personnel issues related to employment
  4. Adjournment

IHLS Transition Board Minutes for 05.09.2011 Posted

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PDF version of May 9, 2011 minutes.

Place:         Hilton Garden Inn, Effingham, IL
Date: May 9, 2011
Attending: Karen Bounds, Valerie Green, Janet Hasten, Amy Ihnen,  Katie Marsh, Linda McDonnell, JoAnn Nabe, Mary Ann Pohl, Bill Randall, Miranda Shake, Diane Steele, Anieta Trame, Tom Turner, Nina Wunderlich
Absent: Rochelle Funderburg
Other’s Present: Greg McCormick, Lawren Tucker, Bev Obert, Nina Pals, Ellen Popit, Donna Schaal, Ramona Rollins, Amanda McKay, Juliette Douglas, Leslie Bednar, and Jan Ison
Call to Order: Called to Order at 6:05pm


Agenda Item Discussion and Decisions
1. Public Comments  No members of the public wished to comment.
2. Minutes It was moved by Green and seconded by Steele that the April 26, 2011 minutes be approved as written. Grammatical errors and omissions were corrected during discussion. Minutes passed with amendments during a roll call vote.
3. Financial Report Steele reported that there was no cash flow report available for this meeting; however, cash flow report for all Systems would be available for the next meeting.
4. President’s Report Turner reported that Mary has withdrawn from the Building Committee. Richard Helton has become the chair of the Building Committee. Turner requested that the final meeting of the Transition Board be a face-to-face meeting with a celebration afterward. He also requested that the Planning Committee, and incoming board members, and other supporters be invited as well.
5. Staff Report Ison reported that the position descriptions are being developed by Obert and that Ison is taking care of the personnel portion of the area and per capita application. Reported that all documents have been submitted.
6. Committee Reports Nominating Committee: Nina Pals reported the slate of candidates to consider for nomination to the Board. Steele wondered why not all candidates were put on the ballot. Pals explained that there will be 5 positions to be replaced each year so there will be additional opportunities for interested people to participate. Pals also noted that the slate was constructed with geography in mind.It was moved by Pohl and seconded by Marsh that the slate of candidates for IHLS Board be accepted as presented. There was no discussion. The motion passed with a roll call vote.

Facilities Location Committee: Turner noted that the committee is looking at various locations, including locations in Effingham.

Search Committee: Turner reported that the committee received 3 responses to the request for bids for a search firm for the Executive Director search. The bid from Bradbury and Associates was the low bid with a range of $14,000 not to exceed $18,000. It was moved by Bounds and seconded by Nabe that the bid from Bradbury and Associates be accepted. There was no discussion. The motion passed with a roll call vote.

Personnel Committee: Wunderlich reported on the process of combining philosophies of four institutions. The method that the committee chose was to use the Shawnee personnel code as the template and work to meld each System into one. In an effort to streamline the actual document, many supplemental materials are being placed in an appendix.

Wunderlich moved and Randall seconded that the Illinois Heartland Library Employment Definitions, Resolution No: TBR 2011-22, be accepted as presented. During discussion, there were minor corrections regarding grammatical issues. “Exempt” will be removed from the first item. Nabe questioned the fact that the 20-29 hour/week part-time employees should have pro-rated time off. She noted that receiving sick leave was especially important. The motion passed with a roll call vote with Bounds, Green, Hasten, Ihnen, Marsh, McDonnell, Pohl, Shake, Steele, Trame, Turner, and Wunderlich voting aye, Nabe voting no, and Randall abstaining.  

7. ISL Report – Greg McCormick; Lawren Tucker Greg McCormick; Lawren Tucker Tucker reported that the additional documentation arrived today for the application. The board should hear soon regarding the acceptance of the application to merge.
8. Unfinished Business Illinois Heartland Library System BenefitsDocument No: TBD 2011-12 is for informational purposes and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Illinois Heartland Library System Salary Scale

Document No: TBD 2011-13 is for informational purposes and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Illinois Heartland Library System Pay Period

Document No: TDB: 2011-14 is for informational purposes and will be discussed at the next meeting.

9. New Business Executive Session
Steele moved and Marsh seconded that the Transition Board move into closed session to discuss personnel issues related to employment, salaries, and benefits. The motion passed with a roll call vote. The board adjourned to closed session at 7:08pm.The board returned to open session at 9:22 p.m.Hasten moved and Randall seconded that the directors be authorized to take applications for and to hire the following positions for employment, effective July 1, 2011: LLSAP Manager, LLSAP Support,  Cataloger, Cataloging Support, WebJunction Coordinator,  Web Junction Assistant, OCLC Billing Manager, Director BPH, Machine Advisor, Machine Clerk, Delivery/Site Supervisor, Delivery Assistant, Delivery Driver, Page/Sorter. In addition, all other positions will be posted and initially available to internal candidates. The motion passed with a roll call vote.

The Staffing Committee was established. Steele, Marsh, Shake, Green, Bounds plus four system directors to work on other positions to be filled as soon as possible.

IHLS Fund Descriptions
Steele motion and Trame seconded that Resolution No: TBR 2011 – 24 with Supporting Document No: TBD 2011-23 be accepted as presented. The motion passed with a roll call vote.

Position Descriptions
Document No: TBD 2011-24 was presented for information purposes only and will be considered by the board at a later time. The board wishes to have more details provided by the directors.

Annual Plan FY 2012
Green presented Document No: TBD 2011-25, which is for information purposes only. Green asked for consideration of the document as well as feedback at a later time.

Budget FY 2012
Steele presented Document No: TBD 2011-26, which is for information purposes only. Steele asked for consideration of the document as well as feedback at a later time. A more detailed budget will be presented at the May 26 meeting. Albers provided assumptions for the delivery budget. Bednar will send delivery budget plus additional vehicle information to the board.

10. Announcements Juliette Douglas announced the Medical Bid went out and hope to have recommendations at the next meeting.

Upcoming Meetings: May 26, 2011 – Video Conference – It was recommended that this be changed to an in person meeting, location to be determined.
June 9th meeting in person at Hilton Garden Inn, Effingham.
June 30th meeting in person at Hilton Garden Inn, Effingham.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:56 pm.

Illinois Heartland Library System 2011 Board Of Trustees Election Slate Posted

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Voting is done by an online survey. The link to the voting ballots is emailed directly to each member library (anticipated date: May 10 or 11, 2011). Contact your system for information about who will receive the email at your library. Voting deadline: 5/23/2011.

IHLS 2011 Board of Trusees Election Slate with Bios, PDF version for printing.

Public Library Trustee seats (8) (2 seats from each former system)

RPLS Trustee
(choose 1)



Nina Wunderlich

Trustee Taylorville Public Library 1978–., currently V. Pres. B.S. major Lib. Sci. 1971, ISU; MLS 1976, UIUC. Career as school, academic librarian, and system consultant.

ISLMA: Conference Steering Comm. ’97,’05,’07. Membership Ch. ’06-08. Bluestem Award Steering Comm. 2008-10.

ILA: Public Policy Comm. 1986-88, Co-Ch. of Legis. Day 1986; Conference Steering Comm. ’87 and ’88. Conf. speaker ’84.

Trustee Forum: Pres. ‘89-90; V. Pres. ’87-89. Ch. of spring wrkshp. ’86. Trustee of the Year 1991.

Public Lib. Forum: “Ave. to Excellence” standards review comm. ’87-88

RPLS: Board member as a Trustee 1980-86, 2009-11; Pres. 1983-86. Sect. 2011. Pres. of the System Presidents 1984-85. LLSAP Gov. Board: school rep.; Finance Com.

IHLS: Planning Comm., Legal/Gov./Membership 2010-11; Transition Board, Ch. of Personnel.

I would like to continue serving the multi-type library community and developing the new IHLS because we need to continue to establish a quality and respected system which builds a united family among its members. I believe my background can help me serve IHLS during these challenging times while policies are still being developed within the state system network. Being retired, I have the flexible time to serve the new board in any elected capacity needed.

This candidate served on the IHLS Transition Board, and has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

Valerie J. Green

I have been a trustee of Barclay Public Library Board for 12 years and president for 11 years. I am in my fifth year serving as a trustee for RPLS. I served two years as treasurer and am currently president. I graduated Millikin University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a minor in Business Administration. I have been active in the Decatur area in a variety of youth programs and youth athletics including YMCA volunteer coach, Special Olympics, Boy Scouts of America, Warrensburg-Latham Athletic Boosters, Youth League, Parish School of Religion, PTO, as well as school literacy, tutoring and science programs for various age groups. I am a Friend of Barclay Public Library and a United Way Donor. I believe in the power of libraries to inform and improve our lives and our communities now and in the future. Public access to information and quality services empowers individuals to achieve.

This candidate served on the IHLS Transition Board, and has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

RPLS Trustee
(choose 1)



Anthony Schuering

I currently serve as the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Lincoln Library, which is the public library in Springfield, Illinois. I believe I am qualified to serve on this board because of my service on Lincoln Library’s board and my service on the Long-Range Planning Committee for Lincoln Library. I also believe that, as a young person, I am in a unique position to understand some of the trends that have to do with technological innovation and long-range planning for libraries.

This candidate has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

Debra J. Kraft

I have served on the Blue Mound Memorial Library Board of Trustees for over 15 years, eight years as board president. I feel it is an obligation to become more involved in the workings of our library system.

LTLS Trustee
(choose 1)



Joshua Mikeworth

My name is Joshua Mikeworth and I currently serve as President of the Board of Trustees for the Tolono Public Library District. I have served the patrons of my district for six years and have been involved in municipal, regional and state government for nearly a decade prior to that. My wife and I are blessed with three young children and we have all come to love the resources and opportunities of our local library. It was chiefly due to my passion for my local library that I ran for elected office to our library board of trustees several years ago. It is also for these reasons that I would consider it an honor to be selected to serve as a representative to the Illinois Heartland System Board.

Over the past year, events have unfolded that have brought my own library district and our system into the public forum of debate as to the essential question of what are the responsibilities of libraries to the public and to each other, particularly in the light of tightening fiscal budgets, dwindling revenues, and delayed assistance programs. I am proud of the work that I have been involved with in protecting the resources and rights of the patrons and public users of my own district and library system. I am fortunate to have had opportunity to have been enlightened in matters of Illinois Library Law and State Library Code by Mr. Phil Lenzini and State Director Anne Craig. I owe both of these individuals a debt of gratitude for the support, information, and direction they have given.

As a member of the Heartland System Board, I would like to continue to work to ensure that the member libraries and patrons of this new and much larger system are serviced equitably. Further, I would be honored to be afforded the opportunity to serve many of the communities in Southern Illinois where I was raised. Growing up near Robinson Illinois, I can attest to the tremendous value and impact the local library had on my upbringing, cultural experience, and literary enrichment. Though the advances in technologies have bridged many gaps, there is fundamentally still great reliance upon the local library in the rural communities and this makes it all the more imperative that a larger Heartland System be sensitive to the needs of the entirety of its patronage.

Ann Panthen

Ann Panthen, Mahomet Library Board of Trustees. I am interested in becoming involved in the IHLS so that I can be a voice for smaller libraries in the system, as well as being able to bring back important information to the area I serve. I am currently a library trustee and so I have some idea about the issues facing libraries today in Illinois and would like to learn more as well as help the IHLS in whatever manner needed as they get up and running.

This candidate has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

LTLS Trustee
(choose 1)



Christine Payne

My name is Christine Payne. I am currently Secretary of Philo Public Library District. I am committed to libraries (public, school and special interest) as a viable future resource for citizens to access information in its many formats. The library system is a cost effective and efficient means to service the public’s need for information resources (primarily through automation and delivery). I served two (2) terms in the 1980s and 1990s on the LTLS board as a small public library representative. I held the position of Treasurer of the LTLS board during the second term. Serving on the committee which hired the Director as well as many other committees related to budgeting and governance allowed me access to information important to my own library as well as all other libraries in the system. I was on the board when systems became multi-type as well as automated. Lobbying for libraries in Washington took me to Washington DC two times with other LTLS board members.

I have been a member of the Philo library board since December of 1978. We were originally a township library and went through a difficult, but necessary, transformation to become our own taxing unit as a district library in 1990.Philo Library was one of the first small libraries to be automated. It then became the first automated library to discontinue automation. Once economic forces and technology became more favorable, Philo Public Library District again became automated. The positions I have held on the Philo library board include President, Treasurer, Secretary and trustee member. I chaired committees to formulate the Long Range Plan and Building Maintenance Plan.

Janet Hasten

Marshall Public Library Board of Trustees.

My name is Janet Hasten, and I would like to represent you, your library, and your patrons as a public library trustee on the Illinois Heartland Library System Board of Directors.

My roots run deep in the Illinois heartland. I was raised on a centennial farm in rural ClarkCounty which my sister and I still own and manage. My husband is also a native of ClarkCounty and we raised our two daughters here.

My professional background is in education. I graduated from EasternIllinoisUniversity with my BS in Education in 1974 and earned my MS in Education at EIU in 1995. I currently teach business at MarshallHigh School. However, my first job in education (1974-1977) was in the library at SouthElementary School in Marshall.

In 1987 I was appointed to the Marshall Public Library Board of Trustees and have been serving on this board ever since. The mayor called recently and asked if I would be willing to complete another three year term, and I gladly accepted his offer. During my tenure on the MPL Board I have served as secretary, vice president, and since 2006 have been serving as president.

In 2007 I was elected to the Lincoln Trail Library System Board of Directors. In 2008 I was selected to fill the position of secretary and am still serving in this capacity. I was nominated by the LTLS Board to be a member of the Illinois Heartland Library System Transition Board and was honored to have been selected for this position. At the first Transition Board meeting, I was elected secretary and am currently serving as a member of the Executive Committee and the Search Committee.

During these years of library service, I have gained a greater understanding of the types of services that a library system provides. I am convinced that these services are vital to the library patrons in my small rural community. The services of a library system truly provide the citizens of our community with a “window to the world” and with access to information that would not otherwise be available. I would consider it both an honor and a privilege to be your voice on the Illinois Heartland Library System Board. The IHLS serves a wide geographic area and a diverse population. I believe that my rural roots, my professional background in education, and my record of library service makes me a qualified candidate to serve you on the IHLS Board. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.

This candidate served on the IHLS Transition Board.

LCLS Trustee
(choose 1)



Gary N. Denue

Edwardsville Public Library, Trustee. I have been involved in libraries for over forty years and have recently retired from Library and Information Services at SIUE where I held the position as Associate Dean. I have a strong belief that cooperative ventures are the future in dealing with the economic and technological challenges facing all libraries. I believe my knowledge of libraries, the challenges they face and past involvement in cooperative ventures such as CARLI, the Lewis and Clark Library system and my present role as a trustee for a public library would provide expertise and leadership for this new cooperative venture.

This candidate has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

Linda McDonnell

Linda McDonnell is Board of Trustees President for the Six Mile Regional Library District located in Granite City, Illinois, as well as President of the current Lewis & Clark Library System Board of Directors.

As a retired elementary school teacher, I have always valued reading and access to information. My passion for libraries and the possibilities they offer their communities (whether the community is a school or academic population, a special interest group, or a physical community) is evident in the hours I have devoted to my local library board, the current System board, and the Transition board. I can help us bridge from the traditional to the future Illinois multi-type library system. I understand our road will be rocky and firmly believe that I can assist in smoothing the path ahead. I would be honored to continue to advocate for libraries and all they offer as a board member of the Illinois Heartland Library System. I am very committed to the success of the new Library System for the best interest of the people of Illinois.

This candidate served on the IHLS Transition Board, and has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

LCLS Trustee
(choose 1)



Andrew Wolkiewicz

My name is Andrew V. Wolkiewicz and I am currently Vice-President of the Morrison-Talbott Library Board in Waterloo, Illinois. I received my undergraduate history degree from the University of Notre Dame in 2005 and my law degree from Saint Louis University in 2008. I am presently an associate with the law firm of Thompson Coburn, LLP and work out of the Belleville, Illinois office. As a student of the arts and letters and the law, and now as a practicing attorney, I know the importance of having access to libraries with significant collections and resources. Without access to strong libraries throughout my life, I would not have achieved the high academic goals I have set for myself, nor have already scored significant success in my current occupation. Of course, libraries also offer the opportunity to escape reality and enter new and exciting worlds of adventure, fantasy, and make-believe. I have benefited from libraries in countless ways over the years and believe I would be a strong proponent of Illinois libraries as they face the challenge of incorporating modern technology and overcoming the unwarranted prejudice towards reading in people of all ages.

Levi Ottwell

Columbia Public Library Trustee, Treasurer.
My name is Levi Ottwell and I grew up in the Edwardsville, IL area and currently live in Columbia, IL. I am married and have one daughter; my wife is the Spanish teacher at the middle school in Columbia. I graduated in 2003 from SIUC with a Bachelors of Science in Aviation Management and then in 2005 from SIUE with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. I currently work as a Project Engineer for a construction company in St. Louis, MO. I have served the Columbia Public Library board as treasurer since being appointed in September of 2009. I feel my education, life experience, and local board service are a good basis for serving the larger system board. Throughout my life and education I depended on the services of libraries and understand the importance of the library system to make each of its member libraries stronger and more useful to their patrons. My masters’ degree work focused on the specific challenges and aspects of the public sector which I think will translate well to the work this board will be undertaking. My board service in Columbia has shown me the strain that can develop between the state and municipalities with their libraries. More specifically my time as treasurer has shown me that libraries can continue to thrive with good fiscal policy. Most importantly I have also seen that support from the community cannot be stressed enough as they are not only who we are in place to serve but are often times our greatest supporters. Continuing to keep them involved and up to date on our concerns and issues is extremely important in the future to ensure our overall success.

Susan Mendelsohn

Glen Carbon Centennial Library, VP of the Board of Trustees (4+ yrs on this Board, 2 yrs as Treasurer). I am also currently serving as Secretary of the LCLS Board (2 yrs on this Board) I have attended at least 80% of the IHLS Planning Board and Transitional Board meetings. I have contributed input to all four committees in the process and would like to continue to take part in doing what I can to help with building and maintaining the new system. I have a strong financial back ground and believe I could make a noteworthy contribution in assisting in putting together an operating budget, developing cost saving programs, etc.

ShLS Trustee
(choose 1)



Linda Egge

Trustee, Chester Public Library. I am retired from the Chester Community Unit 139 school system after having worked there for 33 years. I worked as a high school physical education and English teacher for 27 years; media specialist and technology coordinator for the district for 6 years. After retiring from the schools, I was appointed to the Board of Trustees of Chester Public Library. I have been a board member for 3 years, but have not held any offices.

Ms. Egge’s educational background includes: bachelor’s degree in education, 1971, Concordia Teachers College, Seward, Nebraska; master’s degree in education, 1984, Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville; and master’sof library and information science – 2001 University of Illinois – Champaign-Urbana.

Susan Justice

Trustee, Eldorado Memorial Library. I have a bachelor of science in math education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a master’s degree in school counseling from Chapman College. I taught math in high schools in Georgia and Ohio for four years. After my son entered school, I worked as a social worker in Virginia and Ohio for several years. When I returned to my hometown, Eldorado, I worked for the Gallatin County School System for 21 years as high school counselor and psychology teacher. Following my retirement, I worked at Southeastern Illinois College as admissions testing supervisor for four years. I am now completely retired, but I am a very active volunteer for my church, the library and our local garden club among other things. Reading is my passion; I have been an active public and education library user since I was 4 years old. Some of my earliest and happiest memories revolve around my dad taking me to the library every week to check out books.

This candidate has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

ShLS Trustee
(choose 1)



George R. Trammell

Mr. Trammell has been a member of the Marion Carnegie Library Board since 2002. Since 2009, he has been vice president of the library board. Other library board offices he has held include: treasurer, 2006-2007; secretary, 2007-2008; and president 2008-2009. He served on the Shawnee Library System Board of Directors in 2007-2008 and is presently the president and chief executive officer of the Marion Chamber of Commerce. His education background includes a bachelor’s degree in workforce education and a master’s degree in education, both from Southern Illinois University. Mr. Trammell has been involved in several community activities and organizations, including: the Marion Rotary Club, where he has held several offices; Williamson County Tourism Board; Williamson County Pavilion/Events Commission Board; Southern Illinois Regional Chambers of Commerce; Regional Economic Development Corporation Advisory Board member; Marion Main Street Board, where he held several offices; Williamson County Airport Task Force; Greater Marion Area United Way Board of Directors; and Veterans of Foreign Wars Ritual Team Member.

This candidate has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

Frank Bandre

Mr. Bandre has been a member of the Mascoutah Public Library Board since 1999. Starting in May 2008, he has been the Board (and library) Treasurer. He served on the Shawnee Library System Board of Directors from 2001 to 2004. Mr. Bandre has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management. He has retired from the USAF after twenty years of service and is currently working for ARINC supporting the Department of Defense under various contracts.

Public Library seats (2)

LCLS (choose 1)



Brock Peoples

Director, Smithton Public Library District. I believe that the voice of the small rural library has traditionally been underrepresented at the system and the state level. As we move forward with ever-increasing cooperation between libraries in Illinois, it is vital that this community of libraries is represented. As a member of the Board of IHLS, I will bring the perspective that comes from working in a small rural library as well as the fresh perspective of having not served on such a board in the past.

Beth Harp-Huffines

I am Beth Harp-Huffines, Director of the Roodhouse Public Library. I would like to run so that I can be a voice for the small libraries. So often we feel that we are overlooked and having someone from a small library who would advocate for us would be a big plus. I think that IHLS is going to be a very positive thing for all libraries and I would love to be able to be on the board to promote and move IHLS forward into the future!

RPLS (choose 1)



Lee Ann Fisher

Decatur Public Library, City Librarian. I currently have a seat on the RPLS Governing Board and have been president, the RPLS Advisory Board and the Medium Public Library group. I am a member of ILA (Public Policy Committee), PLA & ALA. I have been very active in the Decatur community holding memberships in the Chamber, ABWA (American Business Women’s Association) past president, United Way fund distribution committee, and their Community Impact Committee, Decatur Area Arts Council, as well as a recruiter for Vanderbilt University. I think I will bring a wealth of experience to the board, an ability to see the big picture and the desire to see the new system succeed. I also come from GA were we went to 1 computer system for all public libraries and a statewide library card. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information. I would be willing to be an officer if needed.

This candidate has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

Joan B. Rhoades

I have worked at the Vespasian Warner Public Library District, in Clinton, for 23 years, serving as Co-Director for the past ten years. I obtained my MS in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois in 1995. I believe I am a strong candidate for the Illinois Heartland Library System Board (IHLS) because of my knowledge of library systems and how they interact with member libraries. For the past 20 years I have served on numerous committees for the Rolling Prairie Library System (RPLS) and the RPLS Local Library System Automation Program (LLSAP). I am currently the chair of the LLSAP Policy committee, and also serve on the Finance, Database and Technology committees. I am past president of the LLSAP Users’ Group. I am also currently on the board for the DeWitt County Human Resource Center and recently assisted in hiring a new director for that facility. I would be happy to consider running for an officer position on the board of the IHLS.

The IHLS board position will require the ability to look at all sides of issues and the ability to listen and consider viewpoints that are different. We have four similar yet different cultures merging into one. Cooperation is vital to this endeavor. I attended the majority of the Southern System Planning meetings and the majority of the Transition Board meetings, so I bring a history of the work that has been done over the past year to get to this point.

One of the things I am proud of is changing and updating procedures at my library and getting away from the “it’s always been done that way” attitude. We need to be able to change for the transition process to work smoothly. I believe I can assist as the IHLS moves forward. Thank you for your consideration.

Joan B. Rhoades
Vespasian Warner Public Library District Clinton, Il 61727

This candidate has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

School seats (3)

ShLS School (choose 1)



Karen Bounds

My name is Karen Bounds and I am currently employed by Centralia High School as their district librarian, a position I have held for 18 years. I strongly believe in the power of libraries in the lives of our students and the adults they will become. I have served on the Shawnee Library System board twice during 18 years and am currently president of the Shawnee Board. As a member of the Illinois Heartland Planning Panel and Transition Board, I would like to continue to help make Illinois Heartland Library System the very best that it can be and am willing to serve as an officer of the new IHLS board if asked to do so. As a school representative, I will work to ensure IHLS recognizes the importance of school libraries as a part of the team of libraries that brings an invaluable service to the citizens of Illinois.

This candidate served on the IHLS Transition Board.

Katie Marsh

I have served in the library field in various capacities; as a school librarian, public library trustee and system board member. My first position was as librarian for Kinmundy/Alma School District for 2 years at the Elementary, Junior High, and High School. I was the media specialist for Franklin Park Middle School in Salem for 7 years. Before coming to Nashville High School, I was the librarian for 2 years at Raccoon Elementary School, Centralia. I have been Media Center director at Nashville High School for the past 5 years, where I achieved my National Board Certification in Library Media. I also served as trustee for the Salem Bryan-Bennett Public Library for many years and am currently on the Board of Directors for Shawnee Library System. I was appointed to the Transition Board for the Illinois Heartland Library System to help with the transition to the new library system. I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in instructional technology. I am a wife, mother, and proud grandmother of 8 (almost 9) grandchildren.

This candidate served on the IHLS Transition Board.

LTLS School (choose 1)



Jacob P. Roskovensky

Jacob Roskovensky, Library Media Specialist for the Shiloh Community Unit School District #1, has taught for five years. He earned his bachelors degree in Library Media Services K-12 from Indiana State University in 2006 and his master’s degree in Educational Instructional Media from Wilkes University in 2010. Jacob served on the LINC Policy Council as a school representative from 2009-2011 for the Lincoln Trail Libraries System. He has earned the Shiloh CUSD#1 Outstanding Contribution Award and serves on the 2011 ISLMA Annual Conference Steering Committee. He is the High School Representative for the Shiloh Education Association and Publicity Chairman for the Shiloh PTO.

Jacob truly believes that powerful libraries do make powerful learners, and his program shows it. He feels that each library in the multi-type system has a vital role, and should be a contributing member. He would ensure that all types of libraries would be valued in our multi-type system. Jacob appreciates all of the libraries; he works in a building with 310 students, but has served a building as large as 1,800 students. He respects the thoughts of others, and isn’t afraid to vocalize his own thoughts. He is strong in seeking the wisdom of his experienced colleagues. While he is proficient in the use of technology, he still sees the importance of social interaction and would enjoy hearing from anyone.

This candidate has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

Anieta Trame

Anieta Trame has been the middle school librarian in Mattoon for the past 12 years and a member of Lincoln Trail Library System board for the past 5 years. She received her Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois. Since that time she has been involved in ISLMA and her local librarian group. In addition she has won the ISLMA/Highsmith and AASL awards for her work in a community read program. She has also been the recipient of the Jefferson award in her community for her work in literacy. Anieta now co-teaches a school library class at the University of Illinois.

This candidate served on the IHLS Transition Board.

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Elizabeth L. Letterly

Williamsville CUSD #15, District Librarian. My interest stems from a commitment to school libraries and the ideals of service that are at the heart of all fields of librarianship. My experience includes 17 years as a school librarian, 4 years as a prison librarian, and several years of service as a member of Rolling Prairie’s LLSAP Governing Board. Like most of us, I began my journey toward IHLS with apprehension, but, like most of us, I am encouraged by the professionalism and seriousness that has characterized the transition. I am excited about the opportunity to be a part of its beginnings and to represent schools in that process.

This candidate has indicated willingness to serve on the IHLS Board as an officer.

Karen Smith-Cox

CUSD #303 Lovington, Illinois District Librarian. School libraries are overlooked by many administrators and we need as much support as we can get. The new system will need an involved representative and I know I could fill the position and be an advocate for all school librarians in the new system.

Vicky Ludwig

Unit librarian for Neoga CUSD#3. I am interested in running for the Board of IHLS. I feel it is important to be involved in our new library system and think this is a great opportunity to serve.

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Betsy Mahoney

Law Library Clerk, Madison County Law Library.
I strongly believe systems benefit each library and community in numerous ways, from interlibrary loans to continuing education for librarians. Serving on the board, I would be able to help with the efficient running of a valuable resource to central and southern Illinois. I have grown up in and always worked in a library environment, which led me to my decision to pursue my MLS at Indiana University’s School of Library and Information Science. Having worked in both public and special libraries, I appreciate the many services Illinois Systems provide to all types of libraries. I am currently serving on the Lewis and Clark Library System Board of Directors as a Library Representative at Large. I am also part of the Illinois Heartland Library System Search Committee for the new Executive Director.

This candidate runs uncontested.

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Rebecca Bostian

Rebecca Bostian is a reference Librarian at the John A. Logan College Library. “I have previously served on system boards in Illinois and Kansas. I believe systems serve a vital function in coordinating and facilitating the activities of multi-type libraries and the board has a role in advocating for those services.” Ms. Bostian has a master’s in library and information science from Louisiana State University. Her bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University is in public administration. She has doctoral course work at Emporia State University at Kansas. Her community involvement has included a term as vice president of the Rotary of Topeka, Kansas.

Susan Tulis

Susan Tulis is the Associate Dean for Information Services at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale Morris Library. “I believe in the value of public libraries and the resources that the library systems throughout the state of Illinois provide to its citizens. I have been a professional librarian for over 30 years and would like to help in any way possible.” Ms. Tulis was appointed to the Carbondale Public Library Board in April of this year. She has a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has worked at SIUC since 2001. Her resume also includes work at the University of Virginia Main Library and the Law Library. She was a lobbyist for the American Association of Law Libraries.

IHLS Transition Board Personnel Committee

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The Personnel Committee of the Transition Board will meet Wednesday May 4th at 6:30 pm via telephone conference call and Adobe Connect Web Conferencing.  The agenda and information on how to connect to the meeting are included in the following link:    Personnel Committee Agenda

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IHLS Nominating Committee Meeting 04.28.2011

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The Nominating Committee for the Illinois Heartland Library System has posted its Agenda for the 04.28.2011, 2pm conference call Meeting (PDF).

Transition Board Agenda — April 25, 2011

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The Illinois Heartland Transition Board will be on Monday April 25, 2011 via video conference.  The meeting starts at 6:000 pm.  Video Conference Locations are :  Lewis & Clark Library System; Lincoln Trail Libraries System; Rolling Prairie Library System; Shawnee Library System; Illinois State Library; and Eastern Illinois University, Gregg Technology Center.  The agenda is Transition Board Agenda 4. 25.2011

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Search Firm Invitation to Bid

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At the April 7, 2011 Meeting of the Illinois Heartland Library System Board of Directors, the decision was made to retain the services of a search firm or consultant to assist in the process of hiring an Executive Director for the Illinois Heartland Library System.  In compliance with (30 ILCS 525/) Governmental Joint Purchasing Act, notice will be posted in the Breese Courier (

Invitation for Bid

Transition Board Mtg. – Search Committee – April 11th

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The Search Committee from the Transition Board will be meeting on April 11th, starting at 5:30 p.m.

This meeting will be virtual.  The agenda and how to access this meeting are included in this post.


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April 7 Transition Board Agenda and Documents

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The Transition Board will meet on April 7 at 6 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn in Effingham, Illinois.  The following is the Agenda and the Board Documents:

Combined TB files 04072011.

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