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FY 2011 Live and Learn Public Library Construction Grant Program

November 4th, 2010 Comments off

Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White and the Illinois State Library are pleased to announce that FY 2011 Live and Learn Public Library Construction Grant Program applications and related information are now available from the State Library’s website.

Any libraries interested in applying for a Live & Learn Public Library Construction Grant should review the Program Overview as their first step in the grant process. The Program Overview will provide important information on the three grant categories; the eligibility rules; the required documentation needed; and a list of pertinent definitions of integral components of the program.

The Statement of Interest for those libraries seeking to apply for the grant is due by December 3, 2010, and should be submitted via email to Susan Goodman at

Any questions concerning the program should be directed to either H. Neil Kelley at 217-782-1891 (, or Mark Shaffer at 217-524-4901 (

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Do we take time to thank supporters?

March 31st, 2009 Comments off

Many of us have been recipients of support from our legislative leaders through per capita grants, LSTA funds(federal dollars but need to be appropriated by the Illinois General Assembly, and discretionary funds directly from legislators.  This support has increased our facilities, programming, and materials collections.
When we get emails asking us to contact legislators–federal or state–do we take the 5 minutes it takes to contact them to be certain they understand the impact of proposed legislation?  I know that I have to tell myself to respond to such requests and I’ll bet many others do too.

While the Illinois state budget is in less than good shape, libraries have gotten support for their efforts through the SOS budget and the help of the Illinois State Library.

On April 23 at Illinois Library Day you and I have the opportunity to be in Springfield to express our gratitude and to make certain legislators know fully the impact of any legislation related to libraries.

Please seriously consider joining us that day, but if you can’t for whatever reason attend Illinois Library Day, please take that 5 minutes to send your legislator a thank you note for past support and ask for continued support.