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What’s New @ WJIL

August 12th, 2010 Comments off

What are the best practices and planning for a digitization project? How can your staff gain the skills needed to launch or maintain a digital project and what are the implications of launching a long term digital preservation system in your organization? Find out how you can get the answers to these questions and more in the most recent edition of “What’s New @ WJIL.”

WebJunction Illinois Guided Tour

March 22nd, 2010 Comments off

WebJunction Illinois has some amazing features for library staff, but often users are overwhelmed by the amount of information in WebJunction. I thought a short, guided tour to some of my favorite sections might raise your comfort level with WebJunction.

First, go to WebJunction Illinois and make sure you are signed in to your WebJunction Illinois account. Not sure? If you are already signed in, the My Account information displays on the right side of the screen. If you are not signed in, the My Account box prompts you to enter Username and Password. You don’t need to sign out of WebJunction Illinois, just close the screen when you are finished.

Once signed into WebJunction Illinois you will see a blue-toned header with Lincoln’s profile (this is Illinois after all) and a series of buttons or tabs across the header. The buttons/tabs are Home, My WebJunction, Illinois Center, Grant, Library Services, Library Management, Technology, IL Course Catalog, and Member Center. I don’t have Home bookmarked, I have Illinois Center as my opening page for WebJunction Illinois; bookmark the page you visit frequently. Regardless of where you are in WebJunction Illinois, these buttons/tabs remain at the top of the screen.

A variety of legal resources are available for WebJunction Illinois participants. You will have access to a law dictionary (FindLaw) and Basic Legal Information Terms are two favorites. And a review of How to Research a Legal Question is the perfect topic for staff meetings, along with What Questions can Librarians Answer? in the documents section. The path to Legal Resources is WebJunction Illinois > Library Services àInformation Services > Government Information in 21st Century > Legal Information. Once at Legal Information, don’t forget to check out the Documents tab for even more information.

The updated Administrative Ready Reference is available in WebJunction Illinois (WebJunction Illinois > Library Management > Administrative Ready Reference). The ARR has information on Illinois’ Public Funds Statement publication, the new FOIA changes, examples of library policies, amongst other topics. I use this weekly, if not daily.

By visiting WebJunction Illinois Grants you can learn about current grant projects such as ILEAD U and Opportunity Online. Or check out the LSTA grants section to see what projects other libraries created for their libraries. This is a great place to customize ideas for your library based on what others have tried and it gives you a contact for more information on the grant project.

And of course, there is the Illinois Course Catalog (WebJunction Illinois > IL Course Catalog). The Course Catalog houses free, online courses for your use. Since WebJunction Illinois is supported by funding from the Illinois State Library, the course catalog is prepaid for Illinois library staff with a WebJunction Illinois account. The Illinois Course Catalog is a perfect resource for libraries wanting to offer continuous learning to staff, but have limited budgets. Course topics include Excel, Visio, Storytelling, Customer Service, Hiring, Dealing with Angry Patrons and Cataloging for Non-Catalogers, definitely something for everyone. Remember, you must be signed into WebJunction Illinois for the courses to be free. If you are not signed in, the courses will have a nominal fee.

Highlights, upcoming Webinars and other information are shared via the WebJunction Illinois Facebook page. To become a Facebook fan, go to WebJunction Illinois, scroll down to Illinois Highlights section and click on the Become a Fan button. You will be prompted for your Facebook e-mail and password.

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